What is it ?

Sioux is a powerful web application toolbox designed to create interactive, rich content and ergonomic UI for web browsers. Sioux contains sets of javascript objets, and uses XML databinding to separate and minimize data & UI flows and reduce blinks.

Sioux is a web applications toolbox designed to facilitate creation and migration of web-based user interfaces. Sioux can easily create rich and ergonomic interfaces and also handles xml data- binding and data exchange with any kind of web server application.

Sioux was designed especially to help developpers create rich content yet coherent user interfaces with as little blink effects as possible. Data exchanges are kept minimal under the rules of a model-view-controller concept. Sioux objects are written in javascript and can receive and handle xml streams synchronously and asynchronously with the XMLHttpRequest object.

The result of using Sioux for migrating or creating a web application is an ergonomic user interface with no constant page refreshing. Pages don't need to be dynamically generated and downloaded all the time; instead Sioux clearly separates the interface from the creation of the page (which in Sioux can be a regular html file); the html and javascript code are downloaded only once and data is retrieved by the Sioux tools when needed.

Sioux has anticipated the Ajax concept since a few years; and like the Ajax approach we believe all the cool, innovative new projects are online and need rich content interfaces like desktop applications have.